Xe nâng hàng Hyundai có kèm theo Định vị ngã ba để bán

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Xe nâng hàng Hyundai có kèm theo Định vị ngã ba để bán

it is applicable of irregular freight yards in machinery, port, ceramic, building material and agricultureal industries and each pccasion , in which there are no pallets. it carries different cargos of different pallets by adjusing the distance between fork and cargos. and it si no need ofr manual adjustment that it reduce the labor intensity of he pperators and improves the efficiency, as wll as reduces the breakage of cargos.


Mô hìnhCarring Capacity (Kilôgam)Frame dimension AB(mm)Range of fork positioning (mm)Installation Grade Self-weight (Kilôgam)Load Loss Distance L (mm)Horizontal center of GravityC2(mm)Trọng tâm dọc C1(mm)

Nhận xét

1. A is the standard model. B is the side shifting model. C stands for the third generation product. G is the guide rail tupe and F is the leading axle type.
2. The bearing capacity is the calculated calue of the assembled truck model. And the catual capacity of the fork truck is obtained from the fork truck manufacture company.
3. A group of oil route is added for fork positioning and side shifting.