Kẹp carton cho xe nâng, phụ kiện xe nâng Kẹp thùng carton, Xử lý thùng carton.

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Kẹp carton cho xe nâng, phụ kiện xe nâng Kẹp thùng carton, Xử lý thùng carton.

Carton clamps and appliance clamps box handling clamps sideshifting operation
box clamp attachment
Sideshift Carton Clamp introduction.
Carton clamps and appliance clamps are often used for handling appliances, cased product and large-surface goods. Such as consumer paper products, household appliance, consumer electronics, wine packaged foods (canned or boxed), chemicals or plastics. The rubber-coated pads distribute the clamping pressure evenly over the entire surface of the goods allowing safe and damage-free handling. Thin pads also allow optimal use of storage an loading space. Sideshifting function improve working efficiency, if a driver misjudges his approach to a load, he can easily sideshift the arms into the correct position without moving the truck.
Carton Clamp of sideshift function Specification.

Danh mục đặt hàng số[email protected] ([email protected])Lớp học gắn kếtOpening Range (mm)Chiều cao cánh tay (mm)Arm Length (mm)Độ dày cánh tay (mm)Vertical Center of Gravity      VCG(mm)Weight (kg)Effective Thickness             ET(mm)Horizontal Center of Gravity       HCG(mm)
CC-1.4TD-S1950-01[email protected]II550-19501200122090930705125450
CC-1.4TD-S1950-02[email protected]II550-19501200142090930790125545
CC-1.4TD-S2180-01[email protected]II570-21801200122090830750125430
CC-1.4TD-S2180-02[email protected]II570-21801200142090830840125520
CC-2TD-S1930-01[email protected]II560-19301200122090830700125475
CC-2TD-S1930-02[email protected]II560-19301200142090830770125480
CC-2TD-S1930-03[email protected]II560-19301520137090830795125545
CC-2TD-S2360[email protected]II960-23601200152590830925125550
CC-2.3TD-S1850-01[email protected]III530-18501520117095930950150510
CC-2.3TD-S1850-01[email protected]III530-18501520122095930955150515

Chú thích:
*Two additional hydraulic function
*Four-Position Pressure Regulator valve required.
*Various contact pad sizes of carton clamp are available according to special work conditions.

Carton Clamp Features & Options

Tính năng, đặc điểm

Rigid frame structure with double
T-profiles.Excellent visibility window for safe and easy handling operation.
Large surface aluminium pads.
Rubber-coated aluminum pads allowing safe and damage-free handling.
Imported high quality hydraulic valve and cylinder
Steel profile frame offers high strength, durability and high performance.
Hydraulic cartridges and test port for ease of access and adjustment.
Sideshift circuit relief optimizes sideshift speed and performance.
Steel profile frame offers high strength, durability and high performance.
Hydraulic Sideshifting function handle and place the cartons precisly.
High strength steel-profile carton clamp arms and base.
Aluminium profiles rails structure make carton clamp motion smoothly.
Four-Position Pressure regulator valve control clamp force for different cartons.
Carton clamp designed for forklift operators' convenience and performance.
Available in two pressure offerings to match attachment to truck hydraulic system.

Tùy chọn

Custom opening ranges and clamp size.
Customization of arm lengths, heights, pad surface and special application carton clamps.
Pallet strips on contact pads for pallet handling.
Frame bumper for extra protection when handling loose loads.
Various ISO mounting class options and quick-disconnect features.
Regenerative valve for increased arm speed on low flow electric trucks.
External side-shift available.
Alternate valve configurations for left hand or right hand third and fourth function hydraulic installation.

Chính sách bảo hành

All new products of Riggerte (Xiamen) Forklift Truck Attachment Co.,Ltd, including attachments, forks and service parts, are warranted for 12 months following the date of delivery to the primary carrier, or 2000 hours of operation, whichever terminates first alternatively. For more warranty details, please feel free contact with us.
Product selection suggestion
In case that customers don't know which carton clamp model is proper for forklift truck. Please send an inquiry to Riggerte Sales. It would be much better if you can provide the following information before your purchasing.
Brand and model of forklift truck, loading capacity of forklift truck, hydraulic flow pressure and functions.Carton specifications such as carton size, gross weight, carton paper material and so on.How many pieces cartons are there in once clamp operation?
Riggete Carton Clamp model No. explanation:

CC - 2T D - S 1930
Model type:
Kẹp carton
Loading capacityProduct
Arm opening range
Attachment Functions
and structure
Loading capacity
2 Ton
Products' structuresTối đa
opening size
CC: Carton Clamp2T=2000KGSD: D seriesS: Sideshift
Opening size 1930mm



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